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Booking Information:

  • Groups of 6 or more players can book a 2 hour slot 7 days a week. Groups of any size can book a slot during walk-in hours. Walk-ins are available Wed - Fri: 4 - 9 & Sat: 1-10 Sun: 1- 6.

  • $25 per player for the 1st hour.

  • $15 per player for the 2nd hour.

  • For your safety and that of your toes, closed toe shoes are required to participate.

  • Groups should arrive 5-10 minutes before session begins to sign in.

*Silver Dollar Deal: 2 hours for 1 silver dollar worth of pre 1965 US silver coins (dimes, quarters, 1/2 dollars, dollars) or any .999 1oz round.

AFO group.png

Need something private?

We've got you covered.

​For booking the Officers Club listed above, it's our goal to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Private parties include Officer's Club, 2hr 3 target lane, personal coach and games!

  • 6-15 people for $450

  • 16-25 people for $700

  • 26-35 people for $1000

  • Full house private 2.5hrs $1500

Scheduling an event with us is easy!

Call us now and ask about scheduling a party. We'll find the perfect day for your event.

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